Climate Ready Maldon

Keeping your home comfortable

Keeping our homes comfortable all year round can be a challenge – managing cold winters and extreme heat in summer. Old and young people are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. But Maldon Neighbourhood Centre’s Climate Ready Maldon project is here to help with just that!

A new Information Booklet has been developed to help you identify problem areas at home: download the Booklet, Checklist and Action Plan template today or pop into the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre for your free copy. These tools can guide you to control shading, draughts, ventilation and insultation in our homes and improve comfort levels all year round. 

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Call 5475293 or email to find out more.

Climate Ready Packs - to download!

Do you want to understand more about the likely impacts of climate change in Maldon and how to respond? Check out the information below to help be prepared.

Local climate update - Adapt Loddon Mallee
Heatwave Help Guide
Heatwave Action Plan
Your Guide to Survival - CFA

Climate Ready Toolkit

Are you a Neighbourhood House or community organisation in Loddon Mallee and want to help your community prepare and adapt to climate change?
The Maldon Neighbourhood Centre has developed a comprehensive Toolkit to help you undertake a Climate Ready project in your community.

Climate Ready Toolkit

Climate Ready Stories

This podcast showcases some of the many great initiatives, collaborations and ideasfor a safer climate across the Loddon Mallee in regional Victoria, Australia. Come sit under the river gum and meet the people and projects offering us hope and inspiration in a climate changed world. Brought to you as part of ADAPT Loddon Mallee’s Climate Ready Plan.