Become a Stallholder

Some basic criteria have been developed to help achieve the goals and objectives that have been set for the Maldon Market by the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre.

The selection criteria will help you to decide whether or not the Maldon market is appropriate for you and your products or produce.

As well as the quality of stall holder, the mix and diversity of stalls at the market is crucial. For this reason, in any given month, stall holders will be selected so that an appropriate range and mix of food and products are on offer. This will benefit everyone.
The final decision on selection of stall holders is at the discretion of the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre and in the event of an unsuccessful application, only limited discussion will be entered into.

Stall holders who meet the below selection criteria will be given preference for participation at the Maldon Market. The more criteria that an individual stall holder meets, the stronger their application will be considered. 

For growers:

  • Fresh produce sold by the person/people who grew it
  • Growers from Maldon and surrounding townships
  • Growers providing seasonal produce

For ready to eat food related vendors: 

  • Use of locally grown or sourced ingredients
  • Food that is not available in Maldon
  • From Maldon and surrounding townships
  • Appropriate food handling certificates
  • Self sufficiency of the vendor including own source of electricity

For makers:

  • Products that have a strong hand made or hand worked component
  • High level of personal involvement in the design, creation, production of the product
  • Products that are unique and made in Australia

How to Apply
We are delighted that you are interested in joining the Maldon Market.

Maldon is a truly special town with the most intact historical streetscapes in Victoria. The Maldon Market is a short stroll from the historic shops in a lovely country setting, adjacent to gardens for market visitors to enjoy.

Please download and complete the Stallholder Application Form that is right for your business:

    Grower & Food Processor



and submit it by email to [email protected] or mail it to the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, Cnr Church and Edwards Streets, Maldon, Vic, 3463.

Your application will be considered by the Maldon Market Working Group who meet every few weeks.  We will contact you as soon as we have evaluated your application.

Market rules for stall holders
To keep the Maldon Market fabulous and make sure that each month is a pleasant and safe working environment for you and our visitors, we have established some general market rules.

Click to view a copy of theMaldon Market Rules


Market Enquiries

For all enquiries about the Maldon Market please email [email protected] 

or call the market Coordinator, Chris Hain on 0477 201 654 or call the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on (03) 5475 2093