Auspicing groups

An important part of the role of Maldon Neighbourhood Centre is to support initiatives within our community and work with local groups and organisations to do what they want to do, sustainably.

As an incorporated organisation, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) can act as the host of a non-incorporated community group (or individual) via an auspice arrangement. This involves MNC taking on a degree of legal and financial responsibility for the group, project or individual requesting auspice.

As a legal entity, Maldon Neighbourhood Centre can do the following for an auspiced group

- sign a legal contract, funding or service agreement
- receive and disperse funds
- provide public liability insurance for approved activities
- provide contents insurance for items stored on our premises

To find out more, please see our Auspice Policy, and get in touch if you would like to discuss auspicing with us,

To apply for auspicing, please fill out and return our auspicing form.


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